We are worried about the fate of our land.

Revotree is a young company aiming to the ambitious dream of sustainable agriculture.


Thanks to this approach, the team, made up mainly of former students of the Politecnico di Milano, has rolled up its sleeves to create a first tool that could easily integrate with the farmers' habits and provide an indispensable support to the present day.


The attention goes finally to the consumption of resources and the optimization of processes through technology.


To grow, you need to plant a seed. We started from there, from the apricot trees of an orchard in the Basilicata hinterland. Dry land, endless fields, constant need to monitor when and how much to irrigate the land.


And a simple curiosity: "Daddy, how do you decide when to water?" Asks Cosimo in that sultry March of a couple of years ago, while walking among the trees.


His answer: "Simple, every day I check the weather on TV, then I come into the orchard and take some soil in my hands and control how wet it is." And then? "And then I open the water for a few hours!".


It wasn't enough for us.

Cosimo Calciano - CEO


Cosimo is an electronic engineer graduated from Politecnico di Milano.He grew up in the family farm in Basilicata. He knows how farmers think and work. Develops the business and plans the activities.
 Giovanni Marino - CTO


Giovanni is an IT engineer and comes from Politecnico di Milano. He has 3 years of experience in Java and Javascript development and is responsible for the data exchange infrastructure.
Giorgio Crisafulli - Hardware Developer


Hardware Developer
Giorgio is an electronic engineer with experience in hardware and firmware development both as a freelancer and in different companies in Milan.
Marco Cattaneo - AI & Front-End


AI Developer
Marco is a Computer Science engineer dedicated to data analysis and to the development of machine learning algorithms. He takes data from nature and gives them true value.
Davide Coriele - Brand Designer


Art Director
Eclectic member, comes from studies in the field of Food and Animal Safety, going through Communication Design. Three words? User centered design.


Industrial Designer
I am a designer passionate about additive manufacturing and product development, in 3D printing I found the tool that allows me to express my professional qualities and creativity. At work as in life, passion, energy and huge smiles can never be lacking.
Pierluigi - Agronomist


Business Developer
Innovation enthusiast for a biological revolution. Serial entrepreneur and connector in Agtech world
marco goli




Business developer




Centro di Ricerca
Landlab is a physical and virtual place for research, a structured opportunity to evaluate, grow and develop prototypes, products, tecniques, processes and strategies applied to nutrition, biostimulants and plants care in agricolture, horticolture, greenhouses and amenities.