We are worried about the fate of our land.


Revotree is a young company aiming to the am­bi­tious dream of sus­tainable agri­culture.

Thanks to this ap­proach, the team, made up mainly of former stu­dents of the Politecnico di Milano, has rolled up its sleeves to create a first tool that could easily in­te­grate with the farmers' habits and provide an in­dis­pensable support to the present day.

The at­tention goes fi­nally to the con­sumption of re­sources and the op­ti­mization of processes through tech­nology.

To grow, you need to plant a seed. We started from there, from the apricot trees of an or­chard in the Basilicata hin­terland. Dry land, endless fields, con­stant need to monitor when and how much to ir­rigate the land.

And a simple cu­riosity: "Daddy, how do you decide when to water?" Asks Cosimo in that sultry March of a couple of years ago, while walking among the trees.

His answer: "Simple, every day I check the weather on TV, then I come into the or­chard and take some soil in my hands and control how wet it is." And then? "And then I open the water for a few hours!".


Was not enough for us.




Cosimo is an elec­tronic en­gineer grad­uated from Politecnico di Milano.He grew up in the family farm in Basilicata. He knows how farmers think and work. Develops the business and plans the ac­tiv­ities.


Giovanni is an IT en­gineer and comes from Politecnico di Milano. He has 3 years of ex­pe­rience in Java and Javascript de­vel­opment and is re­spon­sible for the data ex­change in­fra­structure.


Hardware Developer
Giorgio is an elec­tronic en­gineer with ex­pe­rience in hardware and firmware de­vel­opment both as a free­lancer and in dif­ferent com­panies in Milan.


AI Developer
Marco is a Computer Science en­gineer ded­i­cated to data analysis and to the de­vel­opment of ma­chine learning al­go­rithms. He takes data from nature and gives them true value.


Art Director
Eclectic member, comes from studies in the field of Food and Animal Safety, going through Communication Design. Three words? User cen­tered design.


Industrial Designer
Andrea is a master graduate de­signer from Politecnico di Milano. He col­lab­o­rates as a head de­signer at WOOD-SKIN and makes Revotree's hardware beau­tiful and easy to use.
martina sironi


PR Manager
Martina studies and works in order to combat climate change, to protect the en­vi­ronment, natural re­sources and health of living beings.
silvia mazzocchin


Her jour­nalism and human rights studies take her far, in­cluding Germany, the United States, India, Poland and Nepal. Collaborate with Revotree mo­ti­vated by a strong sen­si­tivity for the pro­tection of the en­vi­ronment and the pro­tection of nature.




Business Developer
Amante dell'innovazione per una riv­o­luzione bi­o­logica. Imprenditore se­riale e in­stan­cabile con­nettore nel mondo dell'Agtech


Centro di Ricerca
Landlab è un luogo fisico e vir­tuale per progetti di ricerca, un'opportunità strut­turata per va­l­utare, crescere e sviluppare pro­totipi, prodotti, tec­niche, pro­cessi e strategie per la nu­trizione, i bios­ti­molanti, la cura delle piante in agri­coltura, or­ti­coltura, serre, prati.

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