We are worried about the fate of our land.

Revotree is a young company aiming to the ambitious dream of sustainable agriculture.


Thanks to this ap­proach, the team, made up mainly of former stu­dents of the Politecnico di Milano, has rolled up its sleeves to create a first tool that could easily in­te­grate with the farmers' habits and provide an in­dis­pensable support to the present day.


The at­tention goes fi­nally to the con­sumption of re­sources and the op­ti­mization of processes through tech­nology.


To grow, you need to plant a seed. We started from there, from the apricot trees of an or­chard in the Basilicata hin­terland. Dry land, endless fields, con­stant need to monitor when and how much to ir­rigate the land.


And a simple cu­riosity: "Daddy, how do you decide when to water?" Asks Cosimo in that sultry March of a couple of years ago, while walking among the trees.


His answer: "Simple, every day I check the weather on TV, then I come into the or­chard and take some soil in my hands and control how wet it is." And then? "And then I open the water for a few hours!".


It wasn't enough for us.

Cosimo Calciano - CEO


Cosimo is an elec­tronic en­gineer grad­uated from Politecnico di Milano.He grew up in the family farm in Basilicata. He knows how farmers think and work. Develops the business and plans the ac­tiv­ities.
 Giovanni Marino - CTO


Giovanni is an IT en­gineer and comes from Politecnico di Milano. He has 3 years of ex­pe­rience in Java and Javascript de­vel­opment and is re­spon­sible for the data ex­change in­fra­structure.
Giorgio Crisafulli - Hardware Developer


Hardware Developer
Giorgio is an elec­tronic en­gineer with ex­pe­rience in hardware and firmware de­vel­opment both as a free­lancer and in dif­ferent com­panies in Milan.
Marco Cattaneo - AI & Front-End


AI Developer
Marco is a Computer Science en­gineer ded­i­cated to data analysis and to the de­vel­opment of ma­chine learning al­go­rithms. He takes data from nature and gives them true value.
Davide Coriele - Brand Designer


Art Director
Eclectic member, comes from studies in the field of Food and Animal Safety, going through Communication Design. Three words? User cen­tered design.


Industrial Designer
I am a de­signer pas­sionate about ad­ditive man­u­fac­turing and product de­vel­opment, in 3D printing I found the tool that allows me to ex­press my pro­fes­sional qual­ities and cre­ativity. At work as in life, passion, energy and huge smiles can never be lacking.
Pierluigi - Agronomist


Business Developer
Innovation en­thu­siast for a bi­o­logical rev­o­lution. Serial en­tre­preneur and con­nector in Agtech world




Business de­veloper




Centro di Ricerca
Landlab is a physical and virtual place for re­search, a struc­tured op­por­tunity to evaluate, grow and de­velop pro­to­types, products, tec­niques, processes and strategies ap­plied to nu­trition, bios­tim­u­lants and plants care in agri­colture, hor­ti­colture, green­houses and amenities.