Revotree: for small and big 4.0 farmers

We are implementing the digital transformation in agriculture, the engine for a new growth and agricultural optimization, with the purpose of not leaving anyone at the mercy of climatic conditions, human error and unpredictability.

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Used in agriculture


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Revotree is a startup waving digitalization process in agriculture with a 360° approach.


We have created in-house an IoT system for monitoring agricultural land and the automation of management facilities, developing devices that are easy to use even by the most stubborn of farmers.

We are implementing a platform that accompanies farms in both day-to-day operations and in real knowledge of their land, to implement local and extended policies to optimize resources even on a large scale.

To do this we exploit the power of Artificial Intelligence, developing machine learning algorithms, to better interpret the behavior of the land and predict the status to ensure productivity.


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/ Problem

We are looking for strategic solutions to tackle the challenges of our era, in order to be able to face the increasingly alarming water crisis caused by population growth, to deal with climate change, as well as with the global increase of food quality standards.

Thus, Revotree has decided to support environmental sustainability.

Global water consumption (sqm/y)


World population by 2050


Food production increase


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High consumption

Currently, the world water consumption amounts to approximately 4 thousands billions m3 and 70% of this is used in agriculture.

Growing population

Considering the growth rate of the population estimated by the FAO, these numbers are expected to increase rapidly and exponentially. It is therefore of utmost importance to identify the most efficient modalities for a low-consumption production of food

Agricultural consumption

A farm consumes an average of 833 m3 of water per hectare every year by irrigating orchards and perennial crops.

In most cases the management of water profiles is up to just the mere experience and empirical evaluations of the head of the company.

This causes often an excessive evaluation of the water needs of the plantations and therefore it results in a waste of water, product and money.

Costi correlati

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the costs that burden on the operators of the agricultural sector concern also the time spent on the fields and the human and immaterial resources that are necessary for irrigation operations.

/ Solution

Revotree: a modern monitoring and automating system for agriculture.

Our monitoring system decreases costs and optimizes yields thanks to analytics and machine learning.
Revotree collects, processes and returns a vast amount of data in order to help farmers to remotely control their land and to optimize production costs, allowing them to save time and energy and to consume less resources.


Revotree reads field status and helps the farmer with useful insights and real time advices. Revotree understands soil behavior and predicts soil adsorbtion trends automating irrigation accordingly.

In this way farmers can benefit from a level of control and traceability never seen before, with a modern, appealing and friendly data visualization accessible from the device that they prefer.

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In short

Today there is a solution to agriculture challenges thanks to the system conceived, designed and created by the Revotree team. Revotree is a startup that has combined computer science, electronics, communication and design skills, to produce an effective and competitive product, ready to face the environmental challenges of the present and the future.

For future farmers

For the Revotree team the farmer of the future(and present) is smart, at ease with technology, assisted by machines and free to enjoy life, respecting the environment and contributing personally to reduce waste of water resources, in line with the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

This is possible thanks to the use of a system to monitors the vital parameters of the field, which leads not only to greater efficiency, but also to an effective control; in this way it is possible for us to actively contribute to the growth of the plant, in order to obtain a better product, and also to have an impact on the life of those who opt for our system, providing them with all-round advantages.

Technology made simple

Revotree revolutionizes irrigation techniques thanks to:

  1. A network of sensors that can be easily and independently installed. It is low-cost, adaptable to small and large surfaces, and provides a high amount of information.
  2. A data analysis and prediction platform that gathers information from sensors and integrates them with weather forecasts, and thus increases irrigation systems efficiency, classify soils, profile crops and process water trends.
  3. An app that allows farmers to have always their orchard in their pockets; the user friendly interface and the modern and multiplatform standards allow them to monitor the field in an easy way, to manage remote irrigation and to receive a concrete support from digital agronomy.

Revotree, in short, is an electronic decision-making system equipped with artificial intelligence, which is designed for optimizing the management and automatization of irrigation in the orchards and not only. Inexpensive and easy to be installed, it collaborates with existing systems and offers greater efficiency in water consumption, an increased productivity and automatization.

We make technology for agriculture with a mission.

/ Value Proposition

Revotree, thanks to its IoT-based system, allows farmers to save up to 50% of water, together with reducing all material and immaterial costs related to land irrigation. It offers the possibility to have a constant remote control even from miles away and to get a history of data useful for future forecasts.

Water cost savings


Saved hours per year


Equal to one month of life.


*based on fuel consumption rate and average water price

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Approccio completo

  • sensoristica IoT sviluppata ad hoc
  • piattaforma studiata per l'agricoltore e l'agronomo
  • analisi dei dati con intelligenza artificiale e predizione  


Gli elementi del sistema insieme, permettendo di utilizzare solo le quantità d'acqua realmente necessarie per le coltivazioni, promettono di ridurre fino al 50% il consumo delle risorse idriche, risparmiando anche sui costi legati al funzionamento dell’impianto di irrigazione in termini di consumo di energia, tempo e carburante


I metodi tradizionali di programmazione dell'irrigazione espongono gli agricoltori a rischi comuni, come, ad esempio, l’instabilità metereologica. Questo li costringe a garantire costantemente una presenza in loco, su campi spesso dislocati in aree differenti, affinché siano monitorati manualmente e per controllare di persona i tempi di irrigazione.

Sbagliare tuttavia è umano, e non sempre basta l'esperienza per fare previsioni efficaci e soprattutto conoscere lo stato reale di umidità, soprattutto a livello delle radici. Ciò può far perdere molto denaro e molte risorse idriche.


Sfruttando l’intelligenza artificiale è possibile fare predizione su vaste aree agricole e raccogliere dati, specialmente sul lungo periodo, utili alle future analisi di mercato legate all’utilizzo delle risorse idriche, ai cambiamenti climatici e alla produttività.

Revotree quindi è utile a:

  • grandi compagnie, come aziende o cooperative agricole, che hanno interesse nel ridurre la quantità di risorse utilizzate, umane e naturali, ottimizzando i consumi.
  • piccole compagnie, rappresentate anche da singoli agricoltori che desiderano risparmiare tempo, proteggere i raccolti e controllare da remoto i propri territori.
  • agronomi che vogliono usare l’innovazione e conoscere i benefici dell’agricoltura di precisione, mirando a una produzione di alta qualità che comporti una riduzione degli sforzi lavorativi superflui.

/ Mission

Revotree produces powerful technological solutions combining modernity, accessibility and simplicity to include everyone, even those who are not used to changes.

Revotree wants to support the technological revolution in the Italian agricultural sector and wants to help the operators of the sector to reduce unnecessary waste, especially concerning water, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of UN.

/ Fear and Loathing
in Luiss ENLABS

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/ Team

We are engineers and designers passionate about our Earth.

We are planting in the fields the technology needed to bring about the real change for a digital and sustainable agriculture. We bring on the field remote monitoring, data analysis and artificial intelligence to support the modern farmer.

Invest on the future of your land.