Revotree: for small and big 4.0 farmers

We are im­ple­menting the digital trans­for­mation in agri­culture, the engine for a new growth and agri­cul­tural op­ti­mization, with the purpose of not leaving anyone at the mercy of cli­matic con­di­tions, human error and un­pre­dictability.

Global water con­sumption (sqm/y)


Used in agri­culture


Wasted water


Smart water market / CAGR


We gather today
to better seed tomorrow.

Want to invest in Agtech?
Revotree is a startup waving dig­i­tal­ization process in agri­culture with a 360° ap­proach.


We have created in-house an IoT system for mon­i­toring agri­cul­tural land and the au­tomation of man­agement fa­cil­ities, de­vel­oping de­vices that are easy to use even by the most stubborn of farmers.

We are im­ple­menting a platform that ac­com­panies farms in both day-to-day op­er­a­tions and in real knowledge of their land, to im­plement local and ex­tended policies to op­timize re­sources even on a large scale.

To do this we ex­ploit the power of Artificial Intelligence, de­vel­oping ma­chine learning al­go­rithms, to better in­terpret the be­havior of the land and predict the status to ensure pro­duc­tivity.


Be a part of the next revolution of agriculture, here are our docs:

/ Problem

We are looking for strategic so­lu­tions to tackle the chal­lenges of our era, in order to be able to face the in­creas­ingly alarming water crisis caused by pop­u­lation growth, to deal with climate change, as well as with the global in­crease of food quality stan­dards.

Thus, Revotree has de­cided to support en­vi­ron­mental sus­tain­ability.

Global water con­sumption (sqm/y)


World pop­u­lation by 2050


Food pro­duction in­crease


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High consumption

Currently, the world water con­sumption amounts to ap­prox­i­mately 4 thou­sands bil­lions m3 and 70% of this is used in agri­culture.

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Growing population

Considering the growth rate of the pop­u­lation es­ti­mated by the FAO, these numbers are ex­pected to in­crease rapidly and ex­po­nen­tially. It is therefore of utmost im­por­tance to identify the most ef­fi­cient modal­ities for a low-con­sumption pro­duction of food

agro waste
Agricultural consumption

A farm con­sumes an av­erage of 833 m3 of water per hectare every year by ir­ri­gating or­chards and perennial crops.

In most cases the man­agement of water pro­files is up to just the mere ex­pe­rience and em­pirical eval­u­a­tions of the head of the company.

This causes often an ex­cessive eval­u­ation of the water needs of the plan­ta­tions and therefore it re­sults in a waste of water, product and money.

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Costi correlati

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the costs that burden on the op­er­ators of the agri­cul­tural sector concern also the time spent on the fields and the human and im­ma­terial re­sources that are nec­essary for ir­ri­gation op­er­a­tions.

/ Solution

Revotree: a modern mon­i­toring and au­tomating system for agri­culture.

Our mon­i­toring system de­creases costs and op­ti­mizes yields thanks to an­a­lytics and ma­chine learning.
Revotree col­lects, processes and re­turns a vast amount of data in order to help farmers to re­motely control their land and to op­timize pro­duction costs, al­lowing them to save time and energy and to consume less re­sources.


Revotree reads field status and helps the farmer with useful in­sights and real time ad­vices. Revotree un­der­stands soil be­havior and pre­dicts soil ad­sorbtion trends au­tomating ir­ri­gation ac­cord­ingly.

In this way farmers can benefit from a level of control and trace­ability never seen before, with a modern, ap­pealing and friendly data vi­su­al­ization ac­ces­sible from the device that they prefer.

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In short

Today there is a so­lution to agri­culture chal­lenges thanks to the system con­ceived, de­signed and created by the Revotree team. Revotree is a startup that has com­bined com­puter science, elec­tronics, com­mu­ni­cation and design skills, to produce an ef­fective and com­pet­itive product, ready to face the en­vi­ron­mental chal­lenges of the present and the future.

revotree future farmer

For future farmers

For the Revotree team the farmer of the future(and present) is smart, at ease with tech­nology, as­sisted by ma­chines and free to enjoy life, re­specting the en­vi­ronment and con­tributing per­sonally to reduce waste of water re­sources, in line with the sus­tainable de­vel­opment goals (SDGs).

This is pos­sible thanks to the use of a system to mon­itors the vital pa­ra­meters of the field, which leads not only to greater ef­fi­ciency, but also to an ef­fective control; in this way it is pos­sible for us to ac­tively con­tribute to the growth of the plant, in order to obtain a better product, and also to have an impact on the life of those who opt for our system, pro­viding them with all-round ad­van­tages.

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Technology made simple

Revotree rev­o­lu­tionizes ir­ri­gation tech­niques thanks to:

  1. A network of sensors that can be easily and in­de­pen­dently in­stalled. It is low-cost, adaptable to small and large sur­faces, and pro­vides a high amount of in­for­mation.
  2. A data analysis and pre­diction platform that gathers in­for­mation from sensors and in­te­grates them with weather fore­casts, and thus in­creases ir­ri­gation systems ef­fi­ciency, classify soils, profile crops and process water trends.
  3. An app that allows farmers to have always their or­chard in their pockets; the user friendly in­terface and the modern and mul­ti­platform stan­dards allow them to monitor the field in an easy way, to manage remote ir­ri­gation and to re­ceive a con­crete support from digital agronomy.

Revotree, in short, is an elec­tronic de­cision-making system equipped with ar­ti­ficial in­tel­li­gence, which is de­signed for op­ti­mizing the man­agement and au­tom­a­ti­zation of ir­ri­gation in the or­chards and not only. Inexpensive and easy to be in­stalled, it col­lab­o­rates with ex­isting systems and offers greater ef­fi­ciency in water con­sumption, an in­creased pro­duc­tivity and au­tom­a­ti­zation.

We make technology for agriculture with a mission.

/ Value Proposition

Revotree, thanks to its IoT-based system, allows farmers to save up to 50% of water, to­gether with re­ducing all ma­terial and im­ma­terial costs re­lated to land ir­ri­gation. It offers the pos­si­bility to have a con­stant remote control even from miles away and to get a history of data useful for future fore­casts.

Water cost savings


Saved hours per year


Equal to one month of life.


*based on fuel con­sumption rate and av­erage water price

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Approccio completo

  • sen­soristica IoT sviluppata ad hoc
  • pi­attaforma stu­diata per l'agricoltore e l'agronomo
  • analisi dei dati con in­tel­li­genza ar­ti­fi­ciale e predi­zione  


Gli el­e­menti del sistema in­sieme, per­me­t­tendo di uti­lizzare solo le quantità d'acqua real­mente nec­es­sarie per le colti­vazioni, promettono di ridurre fino al 50% il consumo delle risorse idriche, risparmiando anche sui costi legati al fun­zion­a­mento dell’impianto di ir­rigazione in termini di consumo di en­ergia, tempo e car­bu­rante

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I metodi tradizionali di pro­gram­mazione dell'irrigazione espongono gli agri­coltori a rischi comuni, come, ad es­empio, l’in­sta­bilità me­tere­o­logica. Questo li costringe a garantire costan­te­mente una pre­senza in loco, su campi spesso dis­locati in aree dif­ferenti, affinché siano mon­i­torati man­ual­mente e per con­trollare di persona i tempi di ir­rigazione.

Sbagliare tut­tavia è umano, e non sempre basta l'esperienza per fare pre­vi­sioni ef­ficaci e so­prat­tutto conoscere lo stato reale di umidità, so­prat­tutto a livello delle radici. Ciò può far perdere molto denaro e molte risorse idriche.

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Sfruttando l’in­tel­li­genza ar­ti­fi­ciale è pos­sibile fare predi­zione su vaste aree agricole e rac­cogliere dati, spe­cial­mente sul lungo pe­riodo, utili alle future analisi di mercato legate all’utilizzo delle risorse idriche, ai cam­bi­a­menti cli­matici e alla pro­dut­tività.

Revotree quindi è utile a:

  • grandi com­pagnie, come aziende o co­op­er­ative agricole, che hanno in­teresse nel ridurre la quantità di risorse uti­lizzate, umane e nat­urali, ot­timiz­zando i consumi.
  • piccole com­pagnie, rap­p­re­sentate anche da singoli agri­coltori che desiderano risparmiare tempo, pro­teggere i rac­colti e con­trollare da remoto i propri ter­ritori.
  • agronomi che vogliono usare l’innovazione e conoscere i ben­efici dell’agricoltura di pre­ci­sione, mi­rando a una pro­duzione di alta qualità che com­porti una riduzione degli sforzi la­vo­rativi su­perflui.

/ Mission

Revotree pro­duces pow­erful tech­no­logical so­lu­tions com­bining modernity, ac­ces­si­bility and sim­plicity to in­clude everyone, even those who are not used to changes.

Revotree wants to support the tech­no­logical rev­o­lution in the Italian agri­cul­tural sector and wants to help the op­er­ators of the sector to reduce un­nec­essary waste, es­pe­cially con­cerning water, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of UN.

/ Fear and Loathing
in Luiss ENLABS

Explore the gallery about our ac­cel­er­ation pro­gramme period and our pro­gresses

/ Team

We are en­gi­neers and de­signers pas­sionate about our Earth.

We are planting in the fields the tech­nology needed to bring about the real change for a digital and sus­tainable agri­culture. We bring on the field remote mon­i­toring, data analysis and ar­ti­ficial in­tel­li­gence to support the modern farmer.

Invest on the future of your land.